Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

Soprano appreciates your interest in its products and your visit to this site. Your privacy is important to us and we want you to feel comfortable visiting our sites. The protection of your privacy in the processing of your personal data is an important concern to which we pay special attention during our business processes.

Personal data collected during visits to our web site are processed by us according to the legal provisions valid for the countries in which the websites are maintained. In addition to this, our data protection policy complies with the standards of good practice guided by the main governing bodies of internet. Soprano’s site may include, however, links to other websites which are not covered by this privacy statement.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

When visiting our site, our server automatically logs the access, the pages, the date and duration of your visit. Personal data is only stored if volunteered by you, for example, in the context of a registration, survey, contest or in execution of a contract.

Use and Disclosure of Personal Data. Specification of Purpose

Soprano will use your personal data for the sole purpose of technical administration of websites, customer service and customer administration, product surveys and marketing, and only to the extent necessary in each specific case.

We will only disclose your data to governmental authorities in cases required by law. Our developers and advertising agencies are instructed by us to respect confidentiality.

Freedom of Choice

We would like to use your data to inform you about our products and services and whenever applicable, request your opinion. Naturally, your participation is completely voluntary. If you do not consent, you can inform us at any time so that we can specifically prohibit the use of your data. Please see the brand website’s local services for additional instructions.


Soprano uses cookies to track user preferences and to achieve a correspondingly optimized design of the web site. Cookies are small files stored on your hard drive. This allows easier navigation and a high degree of user friendliness in a website.
Cookies also help us to identify particularly popular areas of our material on the Internet. This allows us to customize the content of our web pages according to their specific needs and thereby improve the internet service we provide to you.
Cookies can be used to determine whether a connection has been ​​previously made from your computer to our site. These blocks of data allow to identify only your computer. Personal data may be stored in cookies, provided that you agree, for example, to make secure online access easier so you do not have to provide username and password repeatedly.
Naturally, you can also view our website without cookies. Most browsers accept data blocks automatically. You can prevent cookies from being saved on your hard drive by selecting the "do not accept cookies" setting on your browser.
To find out how this works in your particular case, see manufacturer's instructions for your browser. If, however, you choose not to accept cookies, this can limit the functions available to you on our site.


Soprano uses technical and organizational security measures to protect the data we have under our control against accidental or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction or against access by unauthorized persons. Our security procedures are continually optimized as new techniques become available.