Social Projects

Adelino Miotti Institute (IAM)

Institute Adelino Miotti`s mission is: "To be a center of personal and professional formation that creates opportunities for conscientious choices and referral to work”. Founded in October 2011, the IAM is an educational center that seeks to achieve one of the biggest dreams of Adelino Miotti, a founder of Soprano: to provide personal and professional training to disadvantaged youth in order to guide them to a future of success.

“You are what you believe, think and do”
The Institute was created to spread values such as: Faith in full life, Believing on our dreams, Education for Growth, Humility and Austerity.


Developed by Adelino Miotti Institute in partnership with the National Service of Industrial Education (Senai), the Recreate program gives opportunity to young people between 16 and 18 years, a concept formation through faith, education and work. The program offers training and allows students to become successful professionals in the job market.

In the morning, the students go to the Mechanical Machining course on SENAI and in the afternoon, they go to the Recreate program for personal and professional development. All the activities are offered by free.

Recreate program’s values

  • R
  • E
  • C
  • R
  • I
  • L
  • A

Activities developed on the program

  • Development for life it creates opportunities to reflect and nurture moral and ethical values ​​that shape us as human beings.
  • Pedagogical reinforcement it offers a moment to study the content of the formal school.
  • Instrumental Portuguese it aims to properly apply the different uses of the Portuguese language.
  • Computing it develops and promotes the students’ abilities on the computing field.
  • Foreign Language it is an opportunity to experience the basics of languages with universal scope.
  • Sports provides reflection on the physical and mental health, helping to achieve a higher quality of life.

Miotti family’s message

The Adelino Miotti Institute comes to perpetuate a legacy of faith and work.
It was a dream of Sr. Miotti, so we decided to make it a reality. We believe that each one of us is capable to make their own choices and, by receiving an opportunity, everyone is able to promote changes and develop itself as a human being. As did Sr. Miotti, we also want to provide conscious choices, transforming youth into agents of change, as these young people can be much more than they believe they are.