Excellence Programs

Soprano has several programs aimed to professional and personal development of its staff, such as quality-related programs, training, career growth and improvements in the workplace.
Conceived from the pillars of the company such as ethics, valuing human beings, social responsibility and sustainable development, each program involves constant actions and investments of the company, demonstrating Soprano's commitment to promoting participation, satisfaction, growth, involvement and cohesion of its employees.s.

  • Training & Development

    Soprano encourages and invests in the qualification of its professionals through the Development area, which promotes actions to improve our employees performance. This area’s main objective is to align the needs of human enhancement to the company's projects. Thus, Soprano brings new knowledge and opportunities to its business.

  • Sesi Imagination

    In partnership with Sesi, Soprano makes books available for its employees. This action is a part of the SESI Project - Imagination, which brings books to companies. This program promotes reading, culture and education, contributing for the personal and professional development of the company’s staff.

  • Organizational Environment Survey

    Held every two years, the Organizational Environment Survey is an opportunity for every employee to contribute for the improving of the work environment. In this research, issues such as relationship with superiors and colleagues, benefits, internal policies, communication, projects, among others are evaluated.

  • Health Project

    This program aims to provide improved quality of life for company employees through various actions and activities such as anti-smoking campaigns, blood donation, vaccination, among others.

  • Desenvolverh

    This program seeks to develop in its employees, skills and attitudes that can be leveraged through the core competencies as defined by Soprano.

  • Soprano Production System

    The Soprano Production System (SPS) seeks to systematize and standardize all production activities. It involves the definition of methods and standardized work routines and it is based on lean production systems developed in the automotive industry (Toyota).

  • Quality Control Circles

    The Quality Control Circles (QCC) are a collaborative management tool that through participative workshops, with regular meetings, study, design and develop enhancements by using the PDCA methodology (Plan / Do / Check / Action).

  • Internal Communication

    This area is intended for the company’s internal marketing. Tools and internal communication channels are used such as the RH Factor Positive Project, the Organizational Environment Survey,Murals, Panels and Banners, Communication Team, Soprano on Schedule Informative and Intranet.

  • Growing with Soprano

    Growing with Soprano is an internal recruitment program that seeks to identify in its workforce, those who have the potential to take on new positions within the organization, thus promoting the growth, development and human enhancement.

  • 5S System

    It is a system that aims to bring people together through positive attitudes, commitment, organization and discipline to promote a better work environment and quality of life. It is based on the following: Discard; Organization; Cleaning; Conservation, Health and Wellness, Economics and Combating Waste; Commitment.