Business units


With great representation in the Brazilian market, Soprano`s Construction Unit is among the largest manufacturers of locks in the country. And alongside with the other products of the unit such as hardware, locks, furniture accessories, floor springs, air springs and circuit breakers, it delivers safety and technology in the form of products. Check out our products

Electrical Materials

Nowadays, our Electrical Materialss Unit is the only manufacturer of circuit breakers with 100% national capital. It is a leading supplier of circuit breakers, one of the most recognized and sold brands in the segment of residential mini circuit breakers with NEMA norm and it has about 10% of market share of residential breakers with IEC norm. Learn more about our products


For over 15 years, the Utilities Unit is dedicated to bringing quality, innovation, creativity and design to people's lives. With high technology in manufacturing and production of its products, the Utilities Unit is concerned to make your life more comfortable and pratical. From camping to the kitchen, from your child to your work, our products are developed to make your routine easier and take care of you. Learn about our products