About our history

With nearly 60 years of history, Soprano is a company that stands for diversity and excellence in processes and products. Thus, Soprano offers solutions to several market segments, producing a diverse line of items through four business units: Construction Unit, Hydraulics Equipment Unit, Electrical Materials Unit and Utilities Unit. This structure enables the company to ensure operational flexibility, speed and efficiency in their industrial processes, logistics and marketing.

Soprano reflects its commitment to innovation and quality of their products.

By the brand positioning "A Universe of Possibilities", Soprano reflects its commitment to innovation and quality of their products. The company's work is developed through a ethical policy, valuing the human being, with social responsibility and environmental conservation. These values ​​have allowed the expansion and consolidation of Soprano in the market.

The company has more than 1,5 thousand employees working in six industrial plants in Brazil and four distribution centers in the country and abroad. Today, Soprano is the largest producer of Door Locks of Latin America, in addition to having the largest Brazilian manufactured Hydraulic Cylinder and being the only manufacturer of circuit breakers with 100% national capital.

Supporting Pillars


To be internationally recognized for innovation, reliability and human enhancement.


Perpetuating the company with fair growth for shareholders, employees, community and market through moral, ethical, innovative and profitable products and services.

Quality Policy

Work, union and faith seek and surpass challenges through continuous improvement toward total quality that satisfies customers.


To be the agent of growth and business continuity.
To work together promoting development and meeting the satisfaction of individuals, team and community.
To develop solutions that satisfy our clients and consumers.
To make innovation the differential in our products, services and processes.
The foundations of the company are supported by the quality of products and actions, profitability and the exercise of ethics and morals.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct aims to establish ethical principles and standards of conduct that should guide the internal and external relations of all the Soprano members. Download our code of conduct to learn more.