Soprano believes in the importance of promoting quality of life. So, the company invests in the community and participates in various social activities where it operates, contributing to education, health, culture, sports, recreation, and environmental conservation.

Excellence Programs

Soprano has several programs aimed at professional and personal development of its employees.

Business Divisions

Soprano develops its actions focused on the needs of each client. This results in a higher and more organized product portfolio with innovation in processes and products. Learn more about our business divisions>

Manufacturing Units

Soprano has 6 factories between the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul and Pernambuco.

Soprano around the World

The Soprano Group is on five continents! A universe of possibilities around the world!

Become a Sales Representative

Do you want to be a sales representative of high quality products with great acceptance in the brazilian market? Then fill out the form and wait for our contact.